Roland Mouret X The Circle

Roland Mouret is proud to be supporting The Circle – an NGO made up of women that promotes equality for women and girls in a fairer world – through our ‘Your Lies Are Not My Dreams’ t-shirt campaign.

Through donating all of the profits from the t-shirt, we hope to support some of the incredible Circle initiatives around the world to empower and support women and girls. The mantra created by Roland, ‘Your Lies Are Not My Dreams’, aligns with a vision for positive change and transforming lives through truth and empowerment. The t-shirt is made in the UK from 100% organic cotton, featuring bold graphics and empowering slogans designed by female artist Mehrnoosh Khadivi of Craftwork Studio who was inspired by Yonic and female symbolism.

The Circle

The Circle was founded by Annie Lennox in 2008, bringing women together across the globe to act on issues, share ideas, generate transformative change and inspire. This network of women leverages and brokers access to people who can make a difference, with the knowledge that we still do not live in a world where women and girls have equal rights and opportunities.

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