Women in Mouret: Marion Bartoli

As the Wimbledon season gets underway, we welcome former Wimbledon Champion Marion Bartoli as the new ‘Woman in Mouret’. Her career in tennis took her to #7 in the singles tennis world rankings through sheer determination, a competitive spirit and powerful form. She became only the sixth player in the open era to win the Wimbledon Championships without dropping a set.


Marion recalls watching her father and brother playing tennis when she was three, eventually asking to play tennis herself at five-and-a-half years old. “Back then they didn't have the small rackets, only the adult ones...the first time I played, the first time I ever picked up a racket, I hit 48 balls over the net without missing. That was the first time I started to play tennis." Progressing from the small tournament she won at her local club in France to Wimbledon Centre Court, Marion puts her success down to extreme focus and training her mind, with the help of her father. At home Marion still keeps her Wimbledon trophy – the biggest tournament she won – and her four-person tournament trophy side-by-side for some poetic irony. It’s this perspective that has allowed Marion to remain uniquely humble and generous.
Talking about the magnitude of winning the Wimbledon championship, Marion says "Wimbledon is by far the most prestigious tennis tournament to win. Compared to the other Grand Slams there is quite a margin in terms of prestige. Wimbledon is the temple of tennis." Going on the court at that Wimbledon final knowing it was her last chance to win the Grand Slam, Marion recalls a steel in her eyes – a fortitude that won her the trophy and made her only the sixth player to win the Championship without dropping a set.
Travelling back to Wimbledon’s village-like streets, sitting on the edge of the iconic stadium, there is a palpable excitement on the streets. Marion is radiant in the Pre-Fall ’19 collection with that extra spark being back at the place she made history.
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