We collaborate with artist Leyman Lahcine on a limited edition 'Une Amourette' fragrance bottle in celebration of love. Each bottle features hand-drawn illustrations by the artist to create a distinctly unique and original aesthetic. Exploring a sense of innocence and lightness, one drawing depicts moons and stars, while another depicts hands and petals. Here is a glimpse into Leymans’ world and his London studio.


"The artists that influenced me are French; a few Americans as well from the 50s, 60s, 70s. But definitely the French. I really like Jean Cocteau. I love his films and his portraits." - Leyman Lahcine


Born in France of Algerian heritage Leyman’s work is inspired by the diverse and sometimes conflicted cultures he grew up in, where his younger self often spent time alone wandering in his own mind and building an imaginary world. A move to New York in his early twenties opened his mind to the possibility of exploring his ideas through art, namely painting and drawing but also in fashion design and within a few years he had carved out a name for himself on the underground art scene.


"For these illustrations I wanted to express an innocent love. Almost like a holiday romance. I think that’s quite light and poetic. It’s really symbolic – the moon and the sun. I didn’t want to be typical and gender specific. That’s why in the original drawings the sun is the woman and the moon is the man." - Leyman Lahcine

Discover the limited edition bottle on RolandMouret.com and at 8 Carlos Place, London, W1.

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