The Roland Mouret ethos champions timeless, beautifully-crafted womenswear designed for longevity. For us, ‘luxury’ not only epitomises high-quality sustainable materials and skilled craftsmanship but importantly designing a product for a long life.
This season we have reimagined some Roland Mouret classics along with a number of bold new colourways in our signature fabric of double wool crepe.  A timeless textile for a reason it works wonders as it’s both lightweight and breathable, allowing you to layer with other pieces throughout the seasons. Mouret’s core material acts as a second skin, comfortably hugging the contours of your figure, lending itself perfectly to the cleverly crafted cuts and drapes of the garments. It’s elasticity results in a longer life of the garment, proving itself as a fabric you can invest in!
 Discover our new arrivals of double wool crepe creations below…
In light of the environmental impact from the sourcing of raw materials and their manufacture, we have critically examined all our materials. In particular this main fabric of double wool crepe that continues to be a staple throughout the seasons at Roland Mouret. Wool is a natural animal fibre which is both renewable and biodegradable. With wool, traceability, cruelty-free practices and land management are key issues we consider.  We are proud to confirm that we’ve made the swap to a mulesing-free version as a first step in the right direction. Mulesing is the process of removing folds of skin from the sheep and can be a very painful practice for the animal. We’re thrilled to say all our double wool crepe is sourced from mulesing- free farms that are committed to cruelty free practices.  
Our mission is to create more responsibly at every level. In the manufacturing level, we are working to reduce our energy and water consumption. Our Italian knitwear factory has already adopted new washing machines that use 70% less water. Additionally, we have worked to build greater efficiency into our product development, currently reusing fabrics and trims every season to help lower our overall stock waste. 
Whilst acknowledging full sustainability throughout a brand is a complex process, we wish to be as transparent as possible on our supply chain, in the way we source, manufacture and design our products. The environmental and social footprint of the textile industry is colossal, and we are committed to exploring new avenues to create more responsibly and ethically as we look to future collections. We are excited to share the next steps of our journey with you as we continue to move in the right direction.
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