For this balmy month of August, Roland takes a moment to admire his local area, one of his key inspirations of the season. 

Along with the world’s gradual revival, London’s most prestigious area, Mayfair, is blooming again with its art, gardens and monumental landmarks. At its heart stands the Roland Mouret flagship celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. As the streets are getting busier and the weather pleasanter, Roland shares his favorite go-to spaces that play a fundamental part in his creative process and simply enrich his day-to-day.

 Being a historic art hub, Mayfair is regarded as the destination for international art collectors and art lovers considering the highly ranked galleries located in the area and the events held yearly such as the Mayfair Art Weekend. As an artist, Roland keeps a handy repertoire of his most inspiring artists, artworks and galleries.



Home to the best Modern Art and one of Roland’s favorites is the Gagosian Gallery that exhibits recognizable pieces of leading artists such as Claude Monet, Diane Arbus, Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst. Mouret humbly affirms that rambling in a space filled with art instantly ignites his inspiration and sparks creativity.



Going back to nature is always a necessity in Roland’s daily life. For him, being around any green space is a way of connecting to oneself and disconnecting to this quite tumultuous world.

Known for its elegant boutique and buildings, Mayfair surprisingly possesses an array of peaceful gardens and parks. Just around the corner of our flagship store, are three green spaces Roland highly recommends everyone to visit: Berkeley Square, St James’ Park and Green Park. Most of these public spaces are home to a myriad of splendid historical sculptures as well as temporary installations such as the ‘CoExistence Elephant Family’. Having caught Roland’s eye, the herd of life-sized elephants are scattered in all the aforementioned gardens as a crucial reminder for us to share space with other living beings on our over-populated planet.




Mayfair’s architecture and widely renown landmarks are also not to be missed. The area is embellished with the fanciest hotels you’ve probably seen in movies, starting with the Connaught, our boutique’s nearest neighbour and friend.



Roland curated an edit of colorful pieces perfect for exploring the city on a summer’s day. Explore the selection and get inspired.

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