2/3 AW21 FILMS:

This Autumn Winter, Roland Mouret manifests his ongoing interest in celebrating the female identity by featuring the empowering narratives of three female directors: NETTI HURLEY, CHARLIE MAX AND CONSTANCE MAILLET. Inspired by all things feminine, Mouret dives into their cinematic world by asking them to create a film exploring the concept of legacy passed down from woman to woman.

Next up in Mouret’s AW21 film series on the female experience and legacy is ‘THE INTERVIEW’ by Netti Hurley. Inspired by Cindy Sherman’s work, the film is a voyage through womanhood and the eyes of a protagonist who reconnects with her female identity.

‘As a woman, how do we feel about our own identities when we look at other women? What does this unique identity we all possess as women mean? There isn’t one way to be a woman, this was an important message for the film and something I wanted to present in all its emotions.’


Netti Hurley is British director and photographer whose documentary style
accompanies her subjects on experiences outside of the conventional ideas of beauty and normality. Her empathetic lens moves past the curtained edge of society and its taboos by surfacing a tender realism and unpatronizing humour.


Hurley highlights the leading actress’s path to self-discovery by hand painting the citron yellow Therfield jumpsuit on every black and white frame. Expertly tailored in viscose crepe, the piece is adorned with an asymmetric bodice that oozes elegance and empowerment.


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