For Roland Mouret, athleisure is a natural evolution. Throughout his career, the designer has repeatedly explored the ever-changing ways women live and dress. Recent world events led Roland to re-evaluate the link between the worlds of fashion and wellbeing and how they connect with our mental health. The collection focuses on what women want to wear when they are exercising as well as on the body’s dynamic relationship with the pieces.

“As women have started to train again, I think they’re training from a different angle. It’s not just to be and look more fit. It is to train to feel balance, to feel good with yourself, to be able to control this emotion. And that has been the best thing about this project.” Says Roland to Vogue’s editor Mark Holgate.

Created as playful and transitional activewear, the pieces also follow Mouret’s favoured Colour Therapy approach: The application of colour to bring balance and health to our minds and bodies.

Celebrated for his understanding of the female form and 360-degree approach to design, the new line consists of high-performance and design-led pieces, highlighting the signature design cues and unique construction made prominent by the eponymous designer. Designed to be worn in the studio and beyond, the first launch of Roland Mouret Body is inspired by the mantra ‘suspension and tension’ at its core.


“to attach so as to allow free movement”

By using key areas of the body as a focal point to support the fabric drape and through suspension, the fluid and draped detailing creates movement and allows breathability.


“The state of being stretched tight”

Ergonomic, sculpting and supportive, high stretch performance jerseys will compress but move with the body and allow for muscle support.
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