A collection of cool separates makes for an inspired wardrobe update this summer. From versatile pieces to mix and match to exceptional tailoring for on-duty style.



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A sense of un-restricting freedom is celebrated through the new movement and fluidity this season. Panelled skirts in glitch fabric is designed to move with maximum impact, while the ultra-fluid Elbury coat and Alleyne dress ripple effortlessly as you move.



Meet the new collection of modern tailoring, finely crafted to be stylish and suit on-the-go lifestyles. The mantra is about being reactive and proactive through pieces that embrace practicality. An iteration on layering hints at the Roland Mouret woman as ‘La Vagabonde’ – someone who collects and layers pieces to create depth, shape and ultimately allude to her eclecticism.

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Fluid jackets meld into shirts with slashed cuffs and tie-up details, layered on more prints for maximum effect. The potency of layering is at its most striking when check meets floral, played out in exquisite tailoring paired with a mosaic shirt effortlessly tucked in. A riff on the bow breathes anew in floral silk that moves and flows.

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