This year has been a turbulent one for all but one promising thing it has given us is the time to sit still, reset and reflect on the positive aspects of our lives and the people in it that we love.
Roland has gathered his biggest loves to round off 2020 on a positive note. 
MY LOVE FOR...draping. 
 "This shot is from my early days at the studio in Paris...
I've always traced my technique back to my roots as the butcher's son, meticulously folding the apron to hide any stains. When I first started designing, I didn't have any formal training. I draped, folded and pinned directly onto the female body in lieu of sketching. This has become the essence of my technique, allowing me to approach a woman's curves from a 360 point of view and really celebrate the female form."
MY LOVE FOR...dancing
"This is one of my favourite shots of Natalie Massenet and I dancing for Harpers Bazaar.
Dance is the greatest expression of movement, the moment you dance you're at one with yourself and it becomes the language of your body. For me, everything starts from the movement of fabric over the body, my clothes are never designed to be static!
Back when I collaborated with the Rambert dance company I created loose dresses that draped over the dancers so that their costumes became an extension of their expression."  
MY LOVE FOR...fashion 
"Love this shot of Jourdan Dunn and I for ID magazine's 'Flesh & Blood' issue, styled by Edward Enninful.
High fashion gave me escapism from small village life. For my young life I lived in a creative bubble, creating stories in my mind with help of high fashion. From Yves Saint Laurent to Givenchy, the escapism allowed me  to project myself into a different world...a magical world!" 
MY LOVE FOR...curves
"This shot is from the capsule collection I did with Banana Republic back in 2014. A collection that  fully encompassed and highlighted my appreciation for women's curves. It was a time when my career and sense of creativity was changing as I delved deeper into crafting figure flattering silhouettes for every woman."
MY LOVE FOR...gardens 
 "I'm lucky to have spent the majority of lockdown in a place I love and feel most connected to nature, my garden. This year we have been forced to switch from the rhythm of society to the rhythm of nature...no matter what is stopping around us  nature will always carry on!
Being in the surroundings of my garden was my place to reset and relinquish the control freak in me. This photograph is from one of my favourite magazines Rake Progress, taken of me in my garden in Suffolk."
MY LOVE FOR...my friends 
"Taken from Edward's Birthday party last year. Our friendship has been a special  journey and I want to congratulate you on everything you've achieved and the changes you've made to this world."
MY LOVE FOR...my loves
" To James that has shared my life for 13 years, I wouldn’t change any of it! And to Sophia, my right hand woman, visual creative and collaborator, I'm so grateful to have you in my life."
MY LOVE FOR...the next one
 "I've been working with a 360 degree approach and looking at what women want now. I believe women are looking for items which are both strong and yet disappear into an outfit, not so extravagant that they can't be worn often.  Whether it's separates or staples, they're to be individual investment pieces that hold a strong place in a woman's wardrobe."
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