“Folding is part of my DNA, I was seven and the butcher’s apron was on the floor like a long evening dress. When it gets really dirty you have to fold it and tuck it round the back and it becomes this amazing asymmetry of the clean side and the dirty side. I didn’t go to school to learn how to be a fashion designer, my talent was always in my hands.

Growing up in rural France, the son of a butcher who would meticulously fold his apron, Roland Mouret was gifted with the ability to effortlessly fold and drape fabric with origami-like precision.

Today, he continues to be inspired by the Japanese craft of origami. Turning a 2D sheet of paper into a 3D form is a true artform that takes years to master.

The SS21 collection consists of origami-like folds, dramatic drapes and meticulous pleats. Mouret looks to paper artists such as Andrea Russo for inspiration when creating such designs.

Russo, who works in his hometown of Naples, Italy, has a background in law, but his passion for art is shared through his origami, which are often geometric patterns or abstract sculptures using straight lines and curves.


Another influence to Mouret is Swiss 'origami master' Sipho Mabona who explains that he has "been lucky enough to turn his passion into a full time job." He explores transformation through origami in the same way Mouret does with fabrics.

Breaking the boundaries of the traditional art form, Mabona wanted to prove that there are no limits to what can be made out of a square piece of paper and therefore came up with the idea to fold a life-size origami elephant. His work is a spectacle in the versatility and simplicity of the art of origami.

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