Roland Mouret referenced a number of different art works for his first fragrance mood board. To Mouret, this piece by Tina Maria Elena encompasses the sense of smelling another on your skin and finds it to be the perfect inspiration for his powerful perfume, 'Une Amourette' -  a seductive scent that he wanted to ensure left it's mark when one moves. The warmth and friction of movement combined with the fragrance unleashes it's spicy aroma of pink peppercorn, patchouli and vanilla, making sure you won't be forgotten long after you've left. He believes that this painting represents just that!  
Tina Maria Elena Bak is a French artist who specialises in making erotic art from a woman's point of view. Her medium is predominantly water colours; "water colours have such a sensual soft vibration and I feel that I am communicating in a language of love through my art."  She also explains that "the opportunity to find strength and happiness through her work" is the main objective.
Discover more of Tina Maria Elena's work here. 
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