International Women's Day

Women are the source of everything Roland Mouret creates, from form-fitting Galaxy dresses to elegantly flowing silk georgette pieces, celebrating and admiring women is at the forefront of the Roland Mouret design code. Beyond the physical form, Mouret draws heavily on femininity and the female psyche, frequently exploring notions of self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance. For this reason, International Women’s Day is particularly close to Mouret’s heart. 


This International Women’s Day, we are dedicating our channels to celebrating women’s achievements and providing a platform to magnify women’s voices; raising awareness for women who have challenged and continue to challenge gender bias as well as transformed the face of their industries.


In line with this year’s International Women’s Day theme, “Choose to Challenge”, we are using our website to raise awareness, inspire and educate. We will spotlight women who use their platforms to spearhead change, celebrate pioneering women from both past and present, feature iconic feminist artworks and empowering quotes to inspire action and provide links to further opportunities if you wish to read more.

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