This weeks 'Mouret Inspiration' is by contemporary artist Linling Lu, otherwise known as "maestro of orbiting bands of colour". 
Lu’s series ‘One Hundred Melodies of Solitude’ can initially be seen as formal abstractions. However, she expands them into spiritual, cultural and personal visions that become meditations and colour exercises which explore and embrace the power of colour therapy. 
“Colours are instruments with their own sounds. When I assemble colours into a complex circular instrument, they choose their vibration frequency and make outstanding symphony.” 
Mouret has always found the power of colour therapy to be inspirational; “Colour therapy is very important to me, understanding the impact different colours can have on your mood and all their associations.” 
He brings this 'therapy' into the creation of his designs, ensuring each collection expresses emotions through colour. Whether it be light, bright and joyous or more subtle and sultry, you can see that throughout the seasons colour therapy continues to have a significant impact on the unique shades of the garments. 
Mouret also relates his work to Lu's as she is centres around the importance of shape. Similar to the way he does with the silhouettes formed from his designs.
Lu says of her 'circles of life',“The circle is a symbol of something complete and perfect, balanced and everlasting. Every ring is an endless path. Following each path with layers of paint is an everyday practice of listening to intuitive voices located in the inner center.”
Discover more of Linling Lu's artwork here.
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